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Paul D Kimbrel

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All I Need... is a Guitar Solo

A little over 6 years ago, we were remodeling our living room. In a moment of stupidity I decided to put some drywall up myself. While trying to wrestle a sheet up onto the wall, I pulled just about every muscle in my back laying me out for a few days.

About the 3rd day, Tonya headed out for a doctor’s appointment and I had enough pain killers in me to allow me to wander into the studio. I decided I would write Tonya a song for her birthday that year. I sat down and wrote a song called “All I Need.” As I was preparing to do the vocals, our power went out - a rather frightening event when your in a sealed, sound proof room with the door closed. It got my attention and I pulled off the headphones. The lights immediately came on and the phone rang… it was Tonya announcing she was pregnant with our first son (Clayton).

That day the song took on new meaning for me as we entered into a new phase of our life together. It came to represent a reminder of how God, in his wisdom, left a little hole in my life unfulfilled that could only be filled with Tonya’s love.

It also needed a guitar solo.

*sigh* I’m no soloist. I’m really not that great of a guitar player. I play well enough to get other guys going, but this song had me playing the whole deal. I tried getting a few guys to help me out, but no one was really getting the feel of the song. I tried myself and even kept a small guitar part from my endeavor (the first “solo” in the song). However, the main solo kept the song from being declared “finished.”

6 years later, Steve Smith has completed this song. He came in tonight and recorded a fantastic solo that fits the feel and mood of the song and really adds an elegant flare.

I can finally say that after 6 years, “All I Need” is all done.

All I Need (mp3)