Paul Kimbrel

Paul D Kimbrel

Web Developer, Technical Architect, Sound Engineer

A Little Information

Amazing how "little changes" can make a huge impact.

Up until about 2 hours ago - any of our team developers could have logged into the system and pulled up their app's performance metrics to see how the app was using resources.

But they didn't - they were busy building their app.

Then - someone put a big 'ole honking TV in our work area showing the metrics of the system (CPU, memory, etc.). Immediately, it started showing a couple of apps pegging out at 100%.

Why? What were they doing? Is that normal?

Everything shifted...

And now we're discovering ways to improve our apps, our environment, our system... asking questions we didn't even know we needed be asking. Doing "that thing we were going to do later because it didn't matter" now because, as it turns out, it really DOES matter.

All because we got a little glimpse into some useful information. It wasn't a huge change. It wasn't "hidden information". It just wasn't in our faces.

No big life changing take-away here... I just thought it was neat.